Why You Should Buy Locally This Christmas

The time to give, to time to love, the time to make an impact on your society and the world as a whole. Do you know that you can make a difference not just by making a donation?

Christmas is usually a period when sales increase tremendously as people purchase items from clothes, gifts, supplies and decoration to celebrate the season. It’s also the season when people import goods from foreign countries.

In some countries, Christmas shopping starts as early as October. Statistics shows that a quarter of all personal spending occurs during the Christmas season. It is a peak selling period for retailers around the world. It is arguably the busiest period of the year for business owners.

Reasons why you should support local businesses this Christmas;

Your spending will boost the local economy

Research shows that more than 65 percent of the money you spend buying from an independently locally owned store will stay within your community.

Locally owned businesses put back a much larger share of their revenue into the local economy through voluntary services, contributing to local causes and cash donations which help in the improvement of the whole community.

When you spend your money at a local store you create and retain jobs in your community. According to statistics, small businesses are the nation’s largest employer.

Better deals or some useful advice

Locally owned business are usually family friendly stores. They tend to reward their regular customers and that can mean getting a discount on an item you frequently buy.

When you get to know your store owner personally, they can give you useful and professional advice on products you may wish to buy.

Try before buying

You can easily buy items from major retailers that you might end up not liking.

On the other hand, you can do a quick taste test on a bottle of wine in a local supermarket or try out a dress or shoe to see how well it fits.

You cannot do all these online. It is easier to sample a product at local retailers. In fact, many of them hand out tasters for product promotion.

Have more choices

Many of locally owned stores select products based on their own interests and the need of their local communities. They guarantee a broader range of products that suit the customers.

Family and friends

It is always very nice to buy things from people that know and care for you. Running into friends and families in a local store can be really exciting.

Also, when you buy from a locally owned business, you are actually supporting a family. You might be the reason a family is able to pay their rent or send their children to school. You are supporting businesses that treat employees and customers like family. You are encouraging unity and love in your community.

Buying at your local family friendly store does not necessarily mean running away from the huge prices of the mega businesses. It means supporting local businesses.

With the huge amount of money that are spent on buying and selling during Christmas, it will be wise to patronize locally owned businesses which, in turn, builds the community by creating more jobs, encourage entrepreneurship and creativity and also improves the standard of living in your community.