Coffee Pods vs Coffee Beans


The Value Differences Between Coffee Pods And Coffee Beans

Coffee is a substance enjoyed by around eighty percent of the world’s population on a daily basis. Even just the smell of coffee is alluring to a lot of people. The warmth of the beverage along with the caffeine kick make coffee irresistible. Therefore, it is worth exploring the difference between coffee pods vs coffee beans in terms of what you get.

Coffee Cup and Beans on Wooden Table

The Price Of Your Coffee Machine

In order to enjoy your nice warm coffee, you must first buy a machine to make it. According to Time Magazine, the average price of a traditional coffee machine is about thirty-five dollars. However, the average single-cup Keurig machine runs around ninety dollars. There are even some that top well over one-hundred dollars. You are already in the hole if you decide to go with a single-cup machine.

Single-cup servings are very costly on a per-pound basis. When doing the math, it turns out that the single cups end up costing around forty dollars per pound of coffee. That is a lot more expensive than what you would find with your traditional brews.

Single Serve Cups Vs. Coffee Shops

Even though the price of single-serve cups of coffee is far higher than the price one pays for traditional coffee, it is still less costly than the prices at many coffee shops. Coffee shops like Starbucks charge four or five dollars per cup of coffee. That is much higher to the extreme. With a Starbucks coffee, you are paying not only for the product you are getting, but also for the atmosphere, the employees, the marketing of the company, and the ability to sit around in their stores drinking your fancy coffee.

At least with K-Cups or other single serve products, you will know that you are saving in comparison to going out all the time.

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Paying For The Variety

The variety of coffee flavors that one gets with single-serve cups is something that is worth paying up for to some people. Yes, the cost is much higher with K-cups, but the good news is you don’t have to work your way through just one flavor for too long. You have the option to switch things up and get a different flavor with literally every cup.

Sometimes people buy a large container of coffee only to be disappointed when they quickly get bored of the variety that they purchased way too quickly. If that is the case with you in the past, it is time to move on to getting single-serve cups for a more enjoyable experience.

If you are interested only in the value you get with certain types of coffee, you should just stick with plain old traditional coffee. You should also purchase that coffee in as large of a container as possible in order to the most savings. If you want a greater variety of coffees, then you are just going to have to pay up and splurge on a single-serve machine and cups.