5 Marketing Materials Every Business Needs

Starting a successful business means finding clients, conducting great work, completing timely projects, and continually building your brand. Maintaining a successful business means continuing the same on a daily basis. Your best bet is to begin marketing effectively from the outset. You don’t need advertising campaigns on the level of Keebler or Charmin to make it happen. You can start with five basic marketing materials that every business needs.
Your company’s logo represents you on every item created. This tiny graphic representation of your brand sticks in the mind of every potential customer. Invest time and a little money in its development before you tackle any other marketing material. It needn’t cost a lot. Inquire with a business card supplier regarding design services. Many printers offer basic design services, too. Also, attend a few chamber of commerce events or other local business mixers. Ask any graphic designers or photographers you meet for their colleague rates or if you could work a services trade. Even a start-up on a shoestring budget can find a way to get a great logo design.

Business Cards
If it seems basic, it is. Every business needs business cards. Whether you run brick and mortar or an online business, you live in the real world and need a small representation of your business to hand to people you meet. A business card lets you communicate succinctly the most important information: who, what, when, where, and how. On the front, feature your logo, business name, address, and tagline. On the back, highlight your products or services and your rates.

Brochure or Flyer
Communicate more detailed information about your business using a brochure or flyer. If you can spend a little more, a tri-fold brochure on a glossy paper stock provides a polished look. You can communicate just as effectively using a flyer on card stock or colored paper. A professional, well-organized presentation and effective communication of the most important information really matter. These marketing tools make effective handouts, mailers, and giveaways at industry events, conferences, and conventions.

In the 21st century, you can’t run a truly effective business without a website. You don’t need to design it yourself. A professional image is a must, so ask around at chamber meetings, inquire with your business card supplier, and ask area businesses with websites you like who they used. Integrate a blog into your website. It provides a method of two-way communication to get potential customers interested in your brand from the beginning.

Social Media
You don’t need to have an account on every social media site, but it makes sense to choose one or two and build up your presence there. Look at which media your target market uses the most. That makes the decision easy for you. If the people who buy your type of service most often use Twitter, then you need an active, informational Twitter account. Provide helpful tips, link to pertinent articles you read, and talk about your business, its events and any specials you’re offering. Answer consumer questions and engage, engage, engage.

It takes hard work and effective marketing to build a business. Start your marketing campaign with these five basic items and build from there.