5 Things Every Backpacker Needs To Do in Cairns


Cairns is a beautiful city in Australia that is known for its wealth and adventure. Many people from different backgrounds go to Cairns to explore, go snorkeling or diving, go backpacking, and take advantage of the many tours and travel packages that are available.

Here we will explore 5 of our must-do favorite things in Cairns if you intend on backpacking:

Pack Lightly
Cairns is a beautiful place with a lot to see and do, especially if you plan on backpacking through your entire trip Still, it is important to remember that it will most likely be warmer than the temperature that you are normally accustomed to. Carrying a lot of items that you do not need will slow you down, cause you to get dehydrated more quickly, and ultimately put a damper on your trip. Plus, packing lightly will allow you to pack up native foods and gifts in Cairns for your adventure.
Get Out And Explore the Waterfalls
Did you know that there were wonderful, beautiful, magical waterfalls in Cairns? Load up that backpack for a day of fun at Crystal Cascades, Stoney Creek Falls, or Atherton Tablelands. Each of these magnificent locations will give you the opportunity to sightsee, go swimming, and hike a bit in the nearby area. These falls are all must-see if you have the opportunity to do so. You will not be disappointed.

Take A Hike Up Walsh’s Pyramid
Walsh’s Pyramid is the world’s tallest natural pyramid. Most who hike the trail to the top say that it is a 4 to 6-hour trip and well worth it. Once reaching the top you will be able to see a 360-degree view of Cairns and the nearby rainforest. Really, you cannot miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Go Camping 
There are well over 10 different campgrounds to stop at while backpacking in and near Cairns. Take advantage of the many different amenities offered at each and make the most out of your backpacking trip. Because there are so many different campgrounds and parks for you to stay at while you are backpacking, we recommend doing research on the type of campground you would like to stay at. Some are more rustic or harder to get to than others.

Take the Time to Sightsee
You are about to go backpacking in what is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. You will have the Great Barrier Reef on one side of you, shops, waterfalls, hiking trails, campgrounds, and tours available to you on the other. There are so many things to see and so many things to do if you decided to stop and just go sightseeing for a while. We recommend that you plan to carry a little bit of money with you if you chose to partake in snorkeling classes, one of Cairns half day tours, or shopping sprees.