8 Reason Why Business Card Matter

Most people associate business networking with formal dressing, handshakes, and numerous introductions. No matter the size of a networking event, chances are high you won’t be able to meet every potential client. Even if you associate with the right people, they might not hear about you after the event. The primary purpose of networking is to leave a lasting impression on other people. The best way to stand out is by using a business card. Below are some of the reasons why you still need a business in the current digital age.
i. business cards are more personal
In most cases, business deals start from engaging in face to face conversations. This way, people can discuss issues personally. Although exchanging contact information and personal details over the phone is more convenient, it does not create a significant personal connection. However, apart from providing contact information and personal details, a business card will create a more substantial impression on the client.
ii. A more effective tool of marketing
Nowadays, there are numerous tools used to increase marketing such as SEO, email marketing, paid media, etc. Although these methods may help to sell your business to potential clients, they are not effective compared to a face-to-face conversation and exchanging business cards. You may encounter potential clients anywhere, and it is, therefore, advisable to always carry a business card, or you might miss an opportunity.
iii. Creates a professional look and show legitimacy
Most people will want to associate with businesses that seem reputable and trustworthy. The first impression of a business is the appearance and the perception from other people. A creatively crafted business card is a good way to prove legitimacy.
iv. Business cards are always acceptable
After a successful business discussion, you can always hand out your business card. There is no need of stating your every information. Just provide the necessary contact information such as phone number and email. In fact, it should be as brief as possible.
v. Easily accessible
Unlike digital devices, a business card can be accessed anywhere and are not affected by downtime or internet outages. Some situations and locations such as hospitals and airplanes may require switching off mobile phones.
vi. Create a personal brand
Business cards are one of the best ways of creating a personal brand. A well-established brand makes your business easily recognized. You can enhance your brand by creatively designing the business card and only including the necessary information.
vii. Budget-friendly
Business cards have remained relevant for a long time due to their affordability. Compared to other forms of marketing such as paid advertisements, business cards are more pocket-friendly. However, it may cost more for additional elements.
viii. Shows you are prepared
Scribbling your contact information on a cocktail napkin is not a professional approach. In fact, it creates a disorganized impression. However, having a business card shows that you are always prepared and organized.

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