7 Best Car Signage Ideas You Didn’t Think Of

The right car signage can really generate buzz about your business and even generate new customers. However, most businesses go with standard corporate looking signage which often gets ignored. In order to see the best results, you need to create something that really draws attention. To help you make your design decision, here are some of the best car signage ideas you probably have never thought of.

1. Stunning 3-D Graphics

One of the challenges that businesses have with car signage is grabbing people’s attention. 3-D graphics are guaranteed to force people to do a second take. This zoo advertising example shows a snake wrapped around a bus. The snake is wrapped around the bus and crushing the bus adds to the effect.

Set of design templates for transport. Mockup of passenger car, bus and van. Branding for advertising and corporate identity. Graphics elements with geometric shapes

2. Animal Prints
Part of what draws us to animals is their striking coat patterns. A good way to draw attention and play into your company mascot is to use a signage that covers the vehicle in this pattern. For example, having a cow coat pattern on a delivery vehicle for a dairy company can make a lot of sense. Using unique animal prints like this can really help to create awareness for small brands.

3. Big and Unique Font 

Instead of an intricate car signage, you can focus on the message. Blowing up your message with a big font and using a unique font that helps draw attention can work well. Just make sure that you choose a font that’s readable and fits well with your brand identity. If you need help choosing a font, there are many unique fonts that you can find on sites like Google Fonts.

4. Engaging Signage

Another good idea you haven’t thought about is using engaging signage. There are many engaging messages that have been used by various companies from “honk if you like free stuff” or “free product if you call with the coupon code TRUCK.” Figure out how you can be engaging with your signage in a way that makes sense for your business. If you can create something engaging that generate leads, you have a winner.

5. Playing Into the Theme

All businesses will have a specific theme they can play on. This can be used to build eye-catching signage designs that really draw attention and create an emotional response. One good example is the FedEx car that painted on competitor trying to catch up. It plays perfectly into the delivery theme and reminds people that they are better than the competition.

6. Sketch and Animated Designs

Using sketch and animated designs can work incredibly well for car signage. The reason why is because these designs stand out compared to traditional signage. People are trained to ignore car advertising. They’re used to the corporate style design and tend to dismiss it without even giving it a chance. Sketch and animated designs are interesting and unique. They also add a tonne of fun which helps with the presentation.

7. Humorous Signage

Humor strips away the defense that people have about ads. The key is to come up with a conversation piece that your target audience is already having. For example, Charmin used a toilet seat placed below every window of a public bus. Pepsi had their delivery truck show the inside of the truck where the Pepsi Light boxes were floating.Those are some solid ideas you can use for your car signage. Think about what you’re looking to get from your signage and get creative with your designs. A winning design can really help you generate business and generate buzz in your local space.