It is becoming abundantly clear that online marketing is necessary for business survival. The digital marketplace is no longer a pond where only big companies can swim. Small and medium size businesses now have the means to execute strong online marketing strategies right along side their bigger competitors.


With this level playing field in place, it is important to recognize which online marketing strategies will work best for you.


Get Mobile

In a day and age where 91% of adults have their cell phones within arm’s reach at all times, companies stand a significant chance of being seen or found via mobile device.


Over the last few years, having mobile friendly sites and content has been on the horizon; however, Google’s new ranking requirements have companies racing to get their websites mobile.


According to reports on the upcoming algorithm change, business websites will be penalized in Google search results if they are not mobile-ready.


Furthermore, marketers are reporting high efficiency in a variety of mobile campaigns.  Loyalty programs, holiday/event campaigns, and promotions via SMS were all reported over 80% effective.


Along with search results and text messaging marketing, mobile friendly marketing promotes on-going email marketing campaigns, with one-third of consumers admitting they read emails on mobile devices.


Clearly, the only way to stay competitive in the digital arena is to be mobile.


Stay Social

In a recent report published by Salesforce, social media landed the top 3 spots out of 5 areas where marketers are said to increase their budget for 2015.


If any company (regardless of size) wants to remain competitive, it is apparent that an investment in social media is pertinent.


The increase in investment in social strategies is due to a clear rise in ROI. In fact, 85% of businesses are enjoying return from their social media efforts. Facebook and Twitter are, and will continue to be, the most engaging social platforms, with LinkedIn, Google+, and Youtube not far behind.


Make sure your posts are consistent, creative, and engaging. At the end of the day, social media increases brand awareness, promotes loyalty, and boosts sales and therefore it is here to stay.


Take Relationships to the Next Level

Online marketing is growing and changing at an incredibly fast pace. It’s impossible to predict what new methods of marketing will be available in the future, but being innovative with your marketing strategies could keep you ahead of the your competition.


With social and mobile marketing being clear front-runner strategies, why not try combining these efforts with other businesses practicing the same approach? Take your business relationships to a new level by agreeing to cross promote.


How do you get started? Choose businesses that create content that can be easily associated with your product and services. Agree to allow them to create a blog to post on your website and social media channels and have them do the same for you. This cross promotion tactic can significantly increase the audience viewing your posts.


Internet marketing is designed to do one thing: grow your business.  Reaching a high quantity audience is irrelevant if they have no interest in your product and services; therefore, make sure you are specifically targeting your potential customers.


Utilize the tactics above to help your company grow by reaching a more specific and loyal consumer.http://totalcommarketing.com/3-online-marketing-tactics-to-grow-your-business/