10 Important Services you Should Consider Before Establishing a Business

There is so much to think about when starting your own business, and it can be hard to process it all. This guide will go over ten important services you should take into consideration before you establish a company.

1. Legal Services

Retaining the services of a business lawyer is key for ensuring your company is set up properly. For example, there are different types of business organization, such as a sole proprietorship, an LLC and two different categories of corporation. A legal professional can explain the differences between these organizational structures as well as be retained for any legal issues that may arise in the future.

2. Accounting Services

Outsourcing your accounting functions to a service like TW Accounting Services can be a smart move for new entrepreneurs just setting up their company. It is important to consider accounting services because proper financial management and observing best accounting practices are crucial for the survival of your business. Adoption of accounting software is also highly beneficial.

3. IT Services

Most small businesses are not well served by having on-site IT support. Instead, hiring an outside IT support company is usually in your fledgling company’s best interest. You will need IT support of some kind. This is because your company will need to use many different types of technology to remain competitive as well as increase productivity and generally make your life easier. Keeping that technology functional will be integral to safeguarding sensitive information, maintaining productivity levels and making sales.

4. Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services are important for a business’ success. For example, your company will likely need a logo, advertising graphics and more. Graphic design services are something you can only hire when you have need of them, unless your business predominantly works in the graphic design field. If that is the case, you will obviously need to have more graphic designers on staff.

5. Web Design Services

All businesses need to have a quality website in this day and age. Your website is the center of your company’s presence on the Web and will be the first experience many customers have with your business. For this reason, professional web design services are practically a must. Be sure your website is aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to navigate.

6. Marketing Services

Marketing services are perhaps the most important service you need to consider when starting up your company. If customers don’t know your product or service exists, your sales will suffer. You want to work with a marketing professional of some sort to ensure you have a solid marketing plan as well as a budget. Your marketing plan should include areas such as social media, digital advertising, contests, giveaways, SEO and more.

7. HR Services

HR services are another area that can easily be outsourced for a small business if you choose. Things like payroll and benefits administration do not have to be done in-house. However, you may choose to have an on-staff HR specialist as a resource for your employees. An HR professional will help draft your company’s employee handbook, which protects both you and your employees as well as lays out company policy clearly.

8. Contracting Services

Your business may not need contracting services. However, you do need to consider whether you need them. For example, you may need to renovate an existing storefront or office space to best accommodate your business. You may even need to build a new location. A final reason you may need to consider having contacts among contractors is if they can benefit your customers. For example, a property management company works with many qualified contractors to maintain different parts of a property for residents.

9. Customer Support Services

Good customer service is another thing you want to make sure your company has. This is true whether you choose to outsource customer service or take care of it in-house. Training is paramount to maintaining good customer service, as well as branding efforts. Be sure to ask for feedback, listen and be responsive to the feedback you do receive.

10. Landscaping and Cleaning Services

You should not neglect to keep your office or store clean. Customers or clients don’t want to come to a filthy store or office, and employee morale will suffer. This also extends to the exterior of the building, where landscaping services are needed to mow the grass and maintain any trees or bushes.